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Next-generation reefer technology

When Lodam teamed up with Maersk Container Industry (MCI) to develop the next-generation reefer technology it was with a clear ambition: To reduce energy costs in reefers while never compromising reliability. The result is Star Cool – a unique solution offering the industry’s lowest energy consumption and extremely accurate temperature control.  


Optimum cargo quality is the primary objective in the reefer industry with energy costs as a close second. Offering significant energy savings and unmatched temperature control, the Star Cool technology will enable you to meet both requirements to improve your competitiveness and financial viability. According to Maersk Container Industry energy savings exceeding 30% are not uncommon.


Customised Star Cool controller

Lodam has contributed to the unique solution with the Star Cool controller, developed specially for the demanding conditions encountered at sea and based on decades of experience with cooling applications. The controller offers extremely accurate temperature control with deviations as little as +/–0.25C from the set temperature. 


By perfectly matching the compressor speed to the required heat load, the controller keeps the environment inside the container optimised at all times to preserve premium cargo quality. And the Star Cool solution comes with built-in security. Should the sensor input fail to work the intelligent control system will automatically take affirmative action to keep temperatures stable. 


A complete box build

The Star Cool controller is part of a box build solution, complete with controller, power measurements, contactors, display and wire harness. Lodam delivers the box build ready for installation in the reefers at Maersk’s factories – to save Maersk time and ensure a premium quality solution. Lodam has also set up test facilities at the factories to enable Maersk to test the performance of the Star Cool.         


StarCool benefits at a glance

  • Low operational costs 
Energy savings of up to 30%.
  • Optimal environmental control 
Accurate temperature control minimises cargo dehydration and weight-loss.
  • Low noise level
  • User-friendly 
Easy-to-use symbol-based MMI 
graphical user interface.
  • Designed for reliability 
Built-in pre-trip inspection. 
Automatic components control. 
Advanced diagnostics systems
. Comprehensive data-logging features.

Want to know more about Star Cool?

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